Let's rethink about current situation again!!

We believe that it is important to gather more data that is really needed to derive a more appropriate solution.

To that end, I think that it is necessary to reconsider various things from the present situation. 

We will utilize data and IOT to create solutions to various social problems the community has and  continue to

challenge ourselves to create businesses where communities can be further activated.

Popular Price for collect lot of data

In order to collect data from many people it is necessary to provide products of popular price and to clearly convey what kind of good things can happen to life by that data.

Hypothesis verification and PDCA cycle

Hypothesis about the data to be collected and what kind of result will be made, to develop a device and make a solution. Repeat hypothesis and verification Continue to propose better devices and solutions.

We blieve

"ZeroEcoSystem" is one way of thinking for solving problems.

Show me the "DATA"

"Show me the data -- becoming an expert in yourself: Talithia Williams at TEDxClaremontColleges"  - youtube.com

Dr. Williams' Talk will explore how each of us can begin to collect data about ourselves that can provide insight into our personal health. on TED.